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ABE: Asian Book Escorts - Terms and Conditions


1.  This site is intended for ADULTS ONLY.  If you are not yet 21 years of age, please leave this site now!

2.  We accept ONLY CASH.  For your own protection, you should never use credit cards or any other payment means that produce a record of the transaction.

3.  This site is NOT an offer of prostitution.  Fees accepted from clients are for the escort's time and companionship only.  Anything other than platonic companionship that occurs between the escort and the client is done without the agency's knowledge or consent and is PURELY CONSENSUAL between the escort and client.  The escorts listed on our website are private contractors and are responsible for their own actions.  The owners/operators of this website provide advertising and administrative support to the escorts in exchange for a fee for those services.

4.  By entering this website, you agree to release the owners/operators of this website from any liabilities relating to the services provided.  Further, you acknowledge you are responsible for your own actions and choices and you have accessed this website by your own choice and have contracted for any subsequent services of your own accord.

5.  Escorts will stay with the client for the FULL TIME PAID, unless excused early by the client.  TIPPING IS NOT REQUIRED or expected, but if you choose to reward excellent service with a tip, it is always appreciated. 

6.  You agree to treat the escorts with respect, and will not engage in any illegal activities (i.e. using controlled substances, abusive behavior, etc.) while in the presence of the escorts.  DO NOT ask the escorts for their personal contact information.  They choose to work with an agency in order to keep anonymous.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not meet our criteria.

7.  QUALITY SERVICE is paramount at Asian Book Escorts.  We want your feedback (good or bad).  Please contact  us to discuss any issues that may arise.

8.  This site is copyrighted.  We will find and prosecute any violators who steal our original content.


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